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After a Masterclass in Sweden
After a Masterclass in Sweden

Today, it's widely accepted that understanding, measuring and managing the 'brand image' of the country, the city and the region is one of the primary tasks of responsible governments.

But the all-important question of what can really be done to enhance or maintain a positive national reputation is barely understood at all. The Commissioned Masterclass brings much-needed clarity, proper research, real-world experience and rigorous methodology to this important topic.

Given in person by Simon Anholt, the creator of the field of ‘place branding’, and based on his unique experience of working closely with the Heads of State, Heads of Government, ministerial cabinets, business and civic leaders of over 50 countries, cities and regions, the Commissioned Masterclass is a unique opportunity to learn directly from the ‘father of the field’, its most prolific author, and by far the most experienced researcher and practitioner in the area of national image, identity and reputation.

The Masterclass is designed to help policy-makers and other stakeholders understand the importance of national identity and reputation; to bring together partners from all sectors into a common understanding of the issues; to build consensus on the need, the methods and the process for managing identity and reputation; to get a clear sense of where, when and how to start the process of taking control of the international image of their country, city or region.

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